Find the simple past and the past participle of an irregular verb. Enter its infinitive without the preposition "to":
The basics




Nouns and pronouns


1- Objects of prepositions:

Safia puts her book on the desk. Subject verb preposition object of preposition This sentence has a prepositional phrase. On the desk is a prepositional phrase.It consists of preposition and an object of a preposition. The object of preposition is a noun. Astronauts walked on the moon in 1969. Place is mentioned before time.

2- Using adjectives to describe nouns:

It’s a good book. Good : describes the noun book. It’s an adjective. The adjective modifies noun ( modify = change a little ). An adjective changes a meaning of a noun by giving more information about it . The short woman wore an old dress. An adjective is neither singular nor plural. It doesn’t have a plural form. Roses are beautiful flowers. Adjectives can come immediately before nouns. They can also follow main verb BE. She is beautiful.

-3 using nouns as adjectives :

He has a flower garden The shoe store Sometimes, words that are usually used as nouns, are used as adjectives. It used in singular form.

-4 personal pronouns : subjects and objects :

Remember that: Subject pronouns : I, you, she, he, it , we, they Object pronouns : me, you, her, him, it, us, them A pronoun refers to a noun. It is used in place of a noun. He has a new blue bicycle. He bought it yesterday. A pronoun can refer to a single noun. But It can refer to the whole noun phrase ( new blue bicycle). Safia and I are planning to solve some problems. Some of them are difficult for Safia and me ( for us). Sometimes nouns and pronouns are connected by and. Use : - Subject pronoun with a noun subject and - Object pronoun with a noun object.

-5 possessive nouns :

’S (apostrophe and S are used with noun to show possession) student’s students’ Children’s

-6 Possessive pronouns and adjectives :

Remind that : Possessive pronouns : mine, yours, hers, his, ours, theirs. Possessive adjectives : my, your, his, her, its, our, their. A possessive pronoun is used alone. A possessive adjective is used only with a noun following it. They are your ideas. They are yours.

-7 A friend of possessive :

Compare: My friend = the only one A friend of mine = one of my friends, but not my only friend. A friend of possessive pronoun is a special or idiomatic expression. It is used to specify one friend among many friends. She is a friend of bill’s. ( one of bill’s friends) The expression is also used in plural. The Blumenfields are friends of us

-8 Reflexive pronouns:

They end in self/selves : myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves. They are used when the subject and the object are the same person. By + reflexive pronouns = alone. I enjoyed myself at the fair. Enjoy and a few other verbs are commonly followed by a reflexive pronoun. Believe( in yourself )- blame - cut - enjoy - fell sorry - help - hurt - give youself (Sth) - introduce - kill - pinch - be proud of - take care of - talk to - teach - tell - work for - wish Yourself (luck)

-9 Singular forms of other : Another, the other:

Another = an & other in one word. Another means one more out of a group of similar items The other = the last one in a specific group. The only one that remains from a given number of similar items. Another and the other can be used as a pronoun alone or as an adjective in front of a noun or the word One. Example: One book – Another book – another one – another - The other book – the other one – the other.

-10 plural forms of other : others, the others:

Other (s) means several more out of a group of similar items. Other and the other can be used as a pronoun alone or as an adjective in front of a plural noun or the word Ones. The others = the last ones in a specific group. The remains from a given number of similar items. Example: books - Other books – other ones - others - The other books - the other ones – the others.

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